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The Ghost of Wang Na

Teaser Version

1.04 min.


For this exhibition, Tul has teamed up with the Marmosets in order to produce a song entitled “The Ghosts of Wang Na” for Mukkrasan which is the room to the back of Isara Winitchai. For “The Ghosts of Wang Na” , Tul rearranges a song composed by Second King Pingklao and integrates elements of electronic music in order to create a contemporary song with layers to the past.

As an introspective observer of human behavior and way of life, Tul questions whether our past is real or merely an illusion. What’s gone is gone, but we still see traces of the past through architecture, folktales, literature, songs, or even textbook materials. And history may be, and can be distorted or interpreted

differently from one person to the next.

“The Ghost of Wang Na” was inspired by passions that Tul and Marmosets share – song and music. Music is universal. It is agalico, the state of being timeless. The beauty of music and lyrics composed in the past originated, existed, and eventually ceased. And how these emotions are triggered by a musical piece differs from one person to another, dictated by their unique past, taste, and lifestyle. Music from the past may be reused, modified through sampling, or rearranged to be more upbeat than the original versions. An intangible sense of being could be sparked, zapping through our minds, and dashing towards the microphone, drum machine, sampler- eventually freeing itself from the speakers. Of course, no one can see such an intangible being. 


To listen is more than just to hear.


Tul is a singer and songwriter for the Thai rock band, Apartment Khunpa