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Taking an innovative site-specific approach to sound, we derive inspiration from both the time and space of any given performance. Inspired by the medley of residual layers of history in the Isara Winitchai, we rearranged songs from the early Rattanakosin era and composed movements and vocals that are
informed by the unique acoustics of the space itself. As an acappella chorus, we use vocals to reinvigorate these songs with more modern melodies and methods to create in the audience an experience of the period’s intangible heritage that corresponds directly with the space, and that is done in a way that blends both the essence of the past and the power of the present.


The A Cappella group, Suan Plu Chorus, was formed in 2000. The group’s management team consists of Dusadee Bhanomyong (Kru Dus) as the Managing Director, Dr. Kittiporn Tantrarungroj as the Co-founder, Gaiwal Kulwattanotai as the composer, and Ramon “Bojo”Lijauco Jr. as the conductor.
Suan Plu Chorus aims to pioneer a new approach in the art of A Capella by blending Thai music with Western chorus performance techniques. The group thrives to bring passion to the Thai community, and to take the art of Western-style A Capella to another level while showcasing its Thai root. Suan Plu Chorus has performed in several international competitions, and has represented Thailand in world-class music festivals in countless occasions.

What will the Collaborator do for the Exhibition:
Suan Plu Chorus will perform four songs, especially rearranged and adapted for Isara Winitchai Throne Hall. Suan Plu Chorus will perform three times over the course of the exhibition within Isara Winitchai Throne Hall itself.