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Pratchaya Phinthong

unclock, 2019

Watchman clock paper roll, size 1 cm x uncertain length, recorded date, hour, minute and indication number (1Foreigners 2Thais) who received a free pass to the museum. 



Derived from the question of how different languages function through times and words are always a key to visualise history. Pratchaya realises his work through a performative act, in the form of a code of behaviour. Every day a keyword or a phrase is created for a performer to communicate to visitors and used as a free pass to the museum when a visitor conveys the keyword to the ticket office. The happened transmitted languages or dialogues will be recorded in a form of a trace of time that constantly moves throughout the exhibition period. This trace of time appears in the exhibition space reflecting both the visibility and the unperceived of the past event and the future. Pratchaya’s work connects and creates the shifting between individuals, time and languages that lays the various prospects of history accessible and generating different ways to memorise these stories. 



Pratchaya Phinthong (b.1974) is an alchemist of economic value and social functions. Perhaps, we can describe Pratchaya as a trader who operates according to logic opposite to that of profit, and who deals in cultural and value systems, dealing in everyday meanings, hopes, andconflicts. Pratchaya accepts the perpetual transformation of forms and politics, of existence and daily life, poetically transferring the metaphor of fluctuation in currency values to various areas of human action. Pratchaya’s works often arise from the confrontation between different social, economic or geographical systems. They are the result of a dialogue, and bring all their poetic forces from an almost invisible artistic gesture.