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An ancient painting may perform as an art piece in the eyes of an artist, whereas for an archaeologist the painting could speak volumes of the artistic style and time period in which the painting was created. For a field botanist, however, the painting performs as a magic mirror which reflects the status of plants surrounding an area in the time period in which the painting was commissioned. Like other scientific illustrators in this world, information on the flora and vegetation in and around Bangkok had been
conveyed over time through those nameless painters who greatly contributed to the scientific world through their artistic skills.


Kitichate is a botanist and an educator, and he is currently an associate professor at Prince of Songkhla University in Hat Yai Kitichate has spent days examining the mural art within Buddhaisawan
Chapel and The Temple of Wang Na for memories from his own personal history growing up within the Bangkok Noi area. From the perspective of a botanist, Kitichate believes that both trees and flowers are capable of telling stories and that we can learn about history from their representation within mural paintings. An assortment of postcards will be created, showcasing the different types of vegetation on mural paintings and the stories each plant and flower holds.