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When asked about the meaning of the exhibition’s title, In Situ from The Outside: Reconfiguring the Past In-Between the Present, Dr. Sayan described it as an abstract concept of symbolism that may mean different things to different people. The very idea of abstract is key here – why DO we always need to have everything mapped out, precise and calculated, and ultimately reaching a uniform conclusion? Why can’t we accept things for what they are in their  original forms without debating, and embrace the beauty of thought diversity? Dr. Sayan recalled how he came up with the title, that it was not inspired by anything tangible or specific, but rather from a collection of feelings, beliefs, conversations, observations, etc. that had accumulated throughout his entire thinking process. These factors are drawn from a myriad of concepts and experiences,  from the feeling of joy, sorrow, and disappointment, to the green parks in the city, and the even the impact of city pollution to the health of the little kittens on the streets.The title

In Situ hence is the attempt to re-imagine back to how things were in their original forms before they lead to all these unique emotions felt byindividuals, including himself.


Sayan is an art historian and lecturer at Silpakorn University in Bangkok,Thailand Sayan was invited by our curatorial team to create a title on a project that would revisit the past through a contemporary art exhibition. The name, “In Situ From the Outside: Reconfiguring the Past In-Between the Present” or “นัยระนาบนอก อินซิทู:แปลง ร่างอดีตในหลืบแห่งปัจจุบัน”, was thus created.